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Published December 1, 2019

The love of RPGs and freedom of unschooling that enriches my kids lives – sparked UBE, theUnBoxed Entrepreneur…

I mean who doesn't live tabletop rpgs, rpgs, mmorpgs… I better stop before I geek out too much lol.

Combine that with Unschooling, it is just another form of homeschooling – but is focused on facilitating the child's interests rather then shoving “subjects” and non useful information down their throat that wouldn't help them in life… Again I should stop hahaha.

The Wardell Cartoon Family playing ttrpg session - UBE is where it's at!!!

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The Journey | UBE was Born | Let's Connect

The Journey

During my journey of learning how to GM a tabletop rpg, I came across Power Outage RPG for kids.

… That was one of the first ttrpgs that I played with the kids.

… It is also the one that got them hooked on the style of gaming.

Boy was I excited about that… It was like rolling a 10 with a +5 and successfully pick pocketing that guard for the key to the cells and the key to the armory.

I actually reached out to the creator of Power Outage, Go Nerdy – aka Bebarce, and I learned something.

… Being a creator of a ttrpg, unless you get picked up to mass create, it doesn't always pay that great and there isn't a lot of a budget to market to be heard (found) more.

UBE was Born

That is when theUnBoxed Entrepreneur, UBE, was born.

I saw it like this ….

… I have 7+ years experience, who are we kidding self taught lol, with –

  • freelancing
  • outsourcing
  • project management
  • copywriting (4+ years)
  • social media marketing

… I have connections within the homeschool niche. That's a plus to homeschooling ourselves.

… Always looking for ways to help others succeed. I'm a form believer that you are only successful as those that you help to be a success.

With all this I figured why not provide my experiences, knowledge, etc. all within tips and any other form of media consumption I can think of to create.

There should be no reason that ttrpg creators can't market even without a budget. Sometimes you're budget is your time.

If you are willing to put in the time yourself…

…. UBE is for you!

If you have a small budget…

… UBE is for you!

If you have a long term budget…

… Hit me up

…. No but really I think you are getting the picture – UBE is for you!

Let's Connect

If you have questions, want to connect, or looking for services to get done – hit me up via here or connect with me via social – check the header at the top right.

Please follow me on social media for all updates about UBE and to connect.

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  1. ron ron

    I am looking forward to reading marketing tips and other content you have to share. It is finally a breath of fresh air for us indie game people. I have to agree with the other person’s comment 100%

  2. kotDuedo kotDuedo

    I am so happy that someone is finally focusing on us indie game creators. While most marketing tactics will work for us, it would be nice having tactics geared specifically to us. I mean every other niche has this. So THANK YOU!

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