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Published December 11, 2019

Goblins, mud, scary shadows, wrong turns, and danger at every corner is how Pinterest social media marketing and utilizing it as an outreach (marketing) tool to get more people gaming and doing so with your own creation(s) can sometimes seem like. That is where the $1.80 strategy comes into play

Pinterest has 3 types of audience love. You are either a hate the platform type of person, feel like it won’t benefit you or your business, or a love it type of person. Pinterest social media marketing doesn't have to have a love hate relationship – it can be pure beneficial and fun way to engage with your audience.

Me Being Told Pinterest Won’t Work for XYZ Niche

Through the years I have seen so many people distract from Pinterest and tell others don’t bother with it because it will not work for the niche. This is the biggest crock of information I have ever heard.

Are there people on Pinterest?

… Yes

Are you wanting to target people?

… Yes – unless you are wanting to target A.I. then maybe not lol

Then you should be utilizing… NO – Maximizing! Pinterest.

But so and so within my niche that is a mentor for many or “successful” says it won’t work… again I say bull shit lol.

You have to take a hard look at these people telling you it is a waste of time.

The Questions to Ask Yourself About Pinterest…

  1. Is your target audience on the platform?
    • Are you targeting moms, dads, families? – Yes
    • Realestate? – Yes (designers are on here or people looking for design ideas for their new or future homes)
    • Car people? – Yes
    • Artistic people? – Yes
    • People wanting to make money from home? – Yes
    • Health focused people? – Yes
    • I could keep going and make sure to cover every niche, subniche, etc. to show how there is an audience connection within even if it’s hitting your niche via a subniche (if you aren’t doing this you are missing out greatly) – but that isn’t the point to the post and will just waste all our time.
  2. Did the person telling you not to – even try? If no then try.
  3. Did the person telling you not to – even know how to actually market on Pinterest correctly/productively? If no then try.
  4. Did the person telling you not to – even spend more than 60 days trying (90 days is best even going as long as 6 months)? If no then try.
  5. Did the person telling you not to – just acting like they know Pinterest, they tried, etc.? First off why the hell are you giving the power of mentor in your life and second – then try.
  6. The person telling you not too are they you, are they running your business for you, are they going to do the work for you, and are they going to make the business model for your business that you can life with – enjoy – love – and never burn out from? I don’t want to hear the fluff that I can imagine some of you wanting to make a statement about to justify following it like stone… the only response to this should be JUST fucking TRY. 

The only harm is by not trying and by trying you gain so much even if it doesn’t work out.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s cover a few things.

What It Is – What It Isn’t – What It Can Be

What Pinterest Actually Is:

Pinterest looks like many things from the surface. That appearance is different to the average user and the marketing user.

To most it is a resource for so many ideas.

But what about as a marketer, creator, etc.?

See it as a great resource for ideas – ideas that your audience is looking for – resources your audience is looking for – so provide these things to your audience.

It is also a great resource to finding ideas to create around… it is one of the holy grails to seeing what your audience wants.

Pinterest is a natural social search engine!!!

Search engines are powerful, we all know this – Look at Google.

Pinterest is the Google of social media search engines.

Treat it as such…

Pinterest is not…

Like other social platforms… nor should be treated like such.

Pinterest can be what you make it…

Honestly there isn’t much more to say with this statement…

Pinterest is what you make it simple. If you put in the work to make it something for you – it will be. If you don’t – then it won’t be and you will think all those telling you not to waste your time were right – instead of holding yourself accountable for not trying.

Let’s face it if you don’t put in the work, your ass isn’t trying.

Now What? – How do you do it? The Pinterest Social Media Marketing Breakdown

I can’t tell you specifically how to do it. As each one of us are individuals and our efforts should reflect that. However, there are basic foundation ways to start with and mold to you.

The inspiration to forming these basic steps that I have always done into actionable – time conscious steps – was inspired from GaryVee and his take on the $1.80 strategy for other platforms.

Thus starts this weeks campaign…

… last week was being trapped on Space Station 9 … This week we are going to be trekking through the swamps of Goblin Shadow Forest so to get to our path of taking our birthright on the throne to help safe the people of Arthorian.

Your rolls have sucked so far… it seems like you will never get a movement in your favor.

… You have already got stuck in the mud pit that smelt like smoldering tar. Lost one of your boots in there – there was no way in hell you were going to submerge your arm in it to pull it out – heck part of the rubber on your other boot looks a little melted – just think what it would have done to your arm.

… Your sword broke across an eye patched – 3 toothed ogre’s head as you were slaying it. Leaving you with a poor excuse of a dagger – or at least that is what you tell yourself.

Your life in rpg style

… when it comes to trying social media in general, but more importantly trying or thinking about trying Pinterest. You need to take it as just another ttrpg session.

… Now you are face to face with 3 Goblins… One seems like a woman, but the view of her is blocked by the other two. The other two stand before her like they are guards. There are many choices here…

Taking that chance to try and fight with that “dagger” in hopes that it doesn’t something against these three, even if they are only injured – could be a dangerous move.


You can try diplomacy and work within their natural culture ways – coming out of the situation alive and maybe with some allies.

Let’s take these into the Pinterest take.

… You choose to try the dagger – you choose attack with modifiers. This is like doing Pinterest by winging it or by suggestions from someone that thinks they know what they are doing or they know a little just not enough to be the best impact.

You fall flat on your face. Not only did you get chewed up and spit out. You are feeling like you can’t successfully attack in the future against anything (Pinterest doesn’t work, why try.)

… Let’s look at the other scenario – you choose the path of diplomacy – aka willing to put in the work, do the learning while doing, and starting with a foundation that you can build to you when it comes to Pinterest utilization.

You actually surprise yourself. Diplomacy is a success. The two male goblins were blocking, yes it was a woman goblin, because they were guards and she is the goblin princess. She sees diplomacy as respect, honesty, and trustworthiness. You have hit the jackpot. 

Not only were you able to get out the other side of the Goblin Shadow Forest… but you also walked away with an allie that will become a powerful resource in the future.

This will be the same when it comes to Pinterest.

Well Laid Out Profile – $1.80 Strategy

How you layout your profile is important on Pinterest. It will help you within Google search, Pinterest SEO, and your social media efforts in general. For the $1.80 strategy to have a strong impact this step is important.

The banner that Pinterest now allows in the back… You can choose a specific board if you want, I like just making it the recent pins to show up back there. To me the variety looks better and shows broad topics – to me boards are for specific focused stuff.

The profile image should either be you, mascot you use, logo, or even your favicon (if you have a blog or use this for other social sites).

Easy Roller Dice

Your title (name) utilize this with what you do keywords. As you can see from the image how that is utilized for UBE.

Make the about a very quick this what I can do for you type of thing.

The $1.80 Strategy for Pinterest

The $1.80 strategy for Pinterest is 3 simple steps that will take you 30 minutes or less (this is just an estimate – it will take as long as it takes for each individual person).

Step 1. Find the best search terms related to your brand within the built in search feature.

Step 2. Repin and leave your 2c on the pin. The comment needs to be relevant to the pin and not spam or self promotion. Do this for 9 pins in the top 10 search terms you pick. There will be a total of 90 posts.

Step 3. Continue this Daily!

How to Do a Pinterest Search for Keywords

Let’s keep into the terms of ttrpg and indie game makers.

Doing a search of tabletop rpg provides you this:

Tabletop rpg is only your starting point. It will not be your focus keyword. 

The bar below showing different words like; DIY, Maps, Ideas, Design, etc.

Clicking on one allows you to find your keyword.

For example tabletop rpg DIY would be a keyword and the reverse keyword DIY tabletop rpg

… this would be treated as one keyword but allow you to be able to pull things to repin and engage with.

Within that you can even get more sub-keyword pinned down, to find even more keywords to target for engagement.

As you can see for example with tabletop rpg diy… you can easily get another keyword to engage with via sub-keywording and utilize tabletop rpg diy how to make – don't forget to flip it to: how to make diy tabletop rpg for more pin options.

Creating the Boards to Repin Too

For creating boards that you repin too. Make the title of the boards the flip of the keyword. Meaning if you did ttrpg DIY – the name of the board those things are repinned to would be DIY TTRPG.

The one tip I'll give when repinning outside of naming a board utilizing Pinterest search keyword terms is to make sure there are 15 pictures on a new board you create before you make it “public”. It just does better.

Other tips for board success, traction, your own personal pins, and monthly views directly onto your profile will come in a later post as those things are a post in themselves.

Commenting on Pinterest Pins… What?

That's right Pinterest you can comment on others pins, just like you can any other social media platform.

The issue is that most do not, or spam, or do but not consistent enough.

… Right now that is a pure benefit for you!


…. Right now since no one else is really doing it and you do so consistently, productively, non-spammy and relevant to the pin… you are going to get people's attention.

Streamplay Graphics

… The point behind all this is getting the attention from the engagement you are doing with the community, not the work you are working on to benefit yourself – in the end – only. All that will come out of the engagement naturally.

Signing Off with a Rinse and Repeat

If you do the keywords – which doing that work once can last a bit till you want to bring in more or need to look for something to replace a keyword that has went dry a bit – but don't delete the boards of any of the dried up keywords they will still benefit you.

Comment on every post that you repin in this $1.80 strategy.

… Anything that you may repin at random and not during your $1.80 strategy session you do not have to comment on – but it wouldn't hurt either.

… Building a habit of doing something makes it more natural and takes less time actually doing it.

Let me know how the $1.80 strategy for Pinterest social media marketing works for you in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! If you found value in this, it would mean a ton to me if you hit one of those fancy share buttons.

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