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Author & Artist & Out of the Box Marketer 

Jess “JK” Wardell

Writer, Artist, Copywriter, & Marketer

Jess is your typical artist, gamer, the jack of all trade. You know the magical elf that the rest of the scout group of the dark sourcery campaign may find unnormal, but without her they would still be stuck in the quick mud that they came across back on the steel road path.

Or at least that sounds like a great campaign… doesn't it? lol

But really – Jess is your down to earth girl next door type of personality. 

She has been through the muck of life and gaming has helped to bring in some light to the grey moments society brings into one's life. 

.. It has been 10+ years, she started her online entrepreneur journey in 2008, along her campaigning journey to obtaining the empire that many thought there was no air to the thrown. 

Dealing within the IM niche where all the evil gnomes and even krampus of the industry. The ones that sell you on the domino effect of you purchasing after purchasing trying to find that push button to success. They also build this need subconsciously in you without you ever realizing it…

… well till the rose covered glasses fall off that is.

That isn't the point though….. The point is because of her journey it brought her to where she is today.

… To the point of wanting to help others succeed online and in a niche that is very dear to her heart. All without the people she either helps with being successful with their own creations, someone elses as an affiliate, or as a family gaming – going through the rabbit hole of the dark IM cave of never ending falls.

Let's now fill in the gap all in between to now…

Jess's Story:

Jess came from your typical 80s kids who ventured down the parent path at a semi young age – but yet society saw them as adults. She saw what is was like in the 80s, 90s, and 00s to struggle and struggle more pay check to pay check with the rising costs of things.

You could say the evil serpant was dial up – the age of the unknown internet. Or at least it was at first.

… heck gas was 95c when she was a kid till about the late 90s.

… who wouldn't love the price of gas at that right now – hahaha

Growing up with two sets of parents had their pros and cons. Sometimes more of the latter then anything. While that use to be a crippling weakness during her journey – it has now become the fuel to her strengths.

Growing up in a small town in Ohio has been very interesting.

In 2007 she had her first child and then in 2008 is when her journey online officially began.

… Think self taught freelancer.

… the journey hasn't always been easy nor would she have wanted it any other way – at least she has finally come to appreciate the journey today.

Let's face it in the moment who enjoys those speed bumps, road blocks, dungeon crawl dead ends to then be faced with a Gnome coming back through the path you took…

… no one does!

But now the tools have been upgraded, she has leveled up many times, and is where she is now in the realm.


As of 2019 this is her truth…

… 3 kids, an amazing husband, proud unschooling family, small farm life – country living, minimalist(ish), and honestly really just enjoying life.

… All while helping others online. If you follow her long enough you will see how and maybe you too will be able to levage the things that she shares with you.

No reason to run from that evil Elvin on your path… stick with UBE… as the journey has just begun and you are no longer campaigning alone.