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Published December 3, 2019

It's game time… you are trapped on space station 9… the only way out is knowing what the 5 habits are and harnessing them as a ttrpg creator – Are you ready?

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could treat every aspect in our lives as a start to a great campaign. All where the outcomes are in our favor – a cyborg spy from the future with the cloak of a human can dream haha

Be heard outside the box… There is too much noise in there and you deserve to be heard!

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Don't Repeat the Mistakes of Others | 5 Habits for TTRPG Creators | End Campaign

Don't Repeat the Mistakes of Others

I am all for learning from your own experiences… so with that said do what you feel is right!

Word to the wise though… while I am only a future ttrpg creator… I have experience with other areas online where I lack in those areas right now.

For almost 8 years (starting in 2008) I stuck to the box. That box that everyone says you must follow, to stick to the rules, you can't do xyz because that just isn't how it's done. What a joke!

Sure there are guidelines there… but let's face it people are breaking them every day especially when it comes to online marketing. 9 times out of 10 though those people are the spammy people. I think this is what scare people off so much with stepping outside of that box.

However, there are ways to stay away from that damn box everyone is trying so hard to be heard in and yet not be a spammer.

It took me 8 years to not be afraid to do this… it took me another year to do it full force in 2017. Looking back now the baby steps to doing this in the moment felt like what I needed to do. Now if I had to do it all over again I'd jump in head first sink or swim – it wouldn't matter.

The only thing you ever loose is the fear by not doing something. The only thing you ever gain and hold onto is the fear to not do it. – @jk_wardell


5 Habits for TTRPG Creators

Let's waste no more time… You want to get off that space station don't ya?

Here is the quick run down:

  1. Stop Making Goals and Tasks
  2. 99/1 No Box Technique
  3. Screw 80/20 Be More Customer Centric
  4. No Budget – No Excuse
  5. Stop Big Box Age Grouping for Game Play

Now let's go more in-depth within these areas…

Stop Making Goals and Tasks

Talk about stepping outside the box right off that bat… but rather you are a ttrpg game creator, player, or just entrepreneur in general I have come to realize the mindset is the biggest thing that controls success.

Every productivity blogger, tools, etc. that is there hitting us in the face is lying to us to a point and actually slowing us down.

So what then?

Picture this you are at the keypad in the cell they have you locked up in on the space station. You are doing everything you were trained for and skills you picked up along the way – but no roll in hell will save you because everything you try the keypad stays locked.

Being trapped within the process and or tool, instead of the natural way your brain works without feeding the natural way it wants to sabotage you is what holds you back.

Think of it this way goals can easily be broken, forgotten, or pushed to someday.

Don't get me started on tasks…

… but okay I will because you need to get that damn keypad unlocked and get out.

… Tasks can pile up, make you feel like you aren't making any momentum, and worst of all just become lists that never get checked off.

Instead treat everything as a habit and change your wording.

As an example –

You set a goal to finish the core rule book by the new year and set tasks to do so by deadline.
….. this leaves no room for life

Instead you set a habit to write for 20 mins everyday for 60 days.
… this gives a clear plan of action, setups your “tasks and goals” as an establishing habit. If life gets in the way you can easily work in 20 minutes into your schedule each day that works best for YOUR SCHEDULE… instead of you forced into the schedule of your goal and tasks.

Does the example make sense?

Hopefully it does… because now it's time to try that keypad again.

… but this time think outside the box

… you angle your mouth and blow across the digital keypad

– it could be a mix of your hot air, the breeze from your mouth, and the little bit of saliva that you didn't realize came out with it –

… the keypad hesitates but flashes green and the door opens…

99/1 No Box Technique

You are greeted on the other side of the door by nothing… seems weird, but why?

Do you remember how you thought outside the box?

The sames goes with utilizing the vast online world… not must different to the universe if you think about it… to find success as a creator within the rpg niche.

99% of the time you are going to go against the grain – no matter how much fear you have doing so or how much others who are either afraid themselves or comfortable being in the box that they want company – as NIKE once said JUST DO IT!

the 1% of the time is you listening to the box and taking it into consideration. This is what will help you to not be spammy as you will have an ear in the noise.

By doing this you set off no alarms – instead you build up your authority.

It is the same reason why when you got out of the room you were locked in there was nothing greeting you. It is because you thought outside the box and no bad alarms were set off.

Screw 80/20 Be More Customer Centric

You walk through the corridor and through the next set of doors, just to be greeted by a large group of people. They seem to just be networking – that is if the year was still 2000 and you were on Earth.

But then a few look at you. Could they be guards? Everything flashes through your head. There is no time to waste. You were never good at diplomacy, but you weren't bad either. It is time to put those skills to use, all that matters in this moment is that YOU TRY.

Some people will tell you when marketing online to do 80/20 or 90/10 then 80/20. Which is where you provide value at 80 or 90% of the time. Then 20 or 10% of the time you promote. Or in terms of posts for every 10 to 15 value posts you post 2 to 3 promo posts.

I use to do it… but it never got me very far. I had to always work so hard just to get the next sale or commission.

So then what do you do instead?

Now I can't take credit for the concept of being more Consumer Centric, that's all GaryVee.

But it rings true and holds more long term value than being focused on getting the sale. Even as a ttrpg creator it is important.

… I know I can hear you – but I want the sale, I need the sale, etc.

Easy Roller Dice

It's okay if you focus on your audience you would love to play your game, the rest will just happen. All without you stressing over the small details of it that takes too much of your time.

So what does this look like in a 2 sec nutshell?

99% of the time be engaging, connecting, and providing free useful value. 1% of the time you be like hey by the way I have xyz that you maybe interested in.

You want to see what they may look like in post/content break down?

This isn't as simple and it seems for most – it needs to be put in a folder (as you can see I hate fucking boxes they can be closed tapped up and hold you back lol) would look like ….

… for every 100 or 200 posts/pieces of value content you are sending out 1 – 2 max hey look at me it's all about me post/content.

Even ttrpg creators deserve to be heard and boast about themselves… the success in it is all in the creative way you do it.

No Budget = No Excuse

Your diplomacy skills worked… no one was alarmed by your presence.

Is that a bad thing though?

It kind of is if you are wanting to be found online or at least your game creation stuff.

So what do you do?

But you have no budget…

… you can't hire anyone to help you

… you feel like you have no time because you think it needs hours every day to accomplish it.

I can picture most of the mindset energy on the other end and the excuses that comes with them.

I've been there and I say the next few things with love as a kick in the butt is needed.

Fucking stop the excuses, get over yourself, fight back against what you are told to do, and fucking do something. You only have yourself to blame.


Now that we got that out of the way… look behind you one of the guards coming from the corridor you walked through is looking for you.

It's now or never, no excuses, you need to act…

The door out to the community area with homes and market places is within 5 feet or you could hide in what seems like a closet just over your right shoulder less then 2 feet away.

There isn't much time, they haven't spotted you yet but they will…

… do you listen to what most would do – take your chances with hiding in what seems like a closet

… or do you get out in the fresh air?

Times out, get out in the fresh air now!

This brings us to your budget – so you don't have one – big deal

What you have is time.

… But I don't have that either

Streamplay Graphics

For fucks sake… if you started doing the habit way and said fuck to excuses you know that that statement is a lie.

This isn't the time for me to go into complete details of how to tackle each useful (potentially) social platform you can use or tactics to use when you are doing it yourself.

… that's a post for another day or series of posts.

What you need to do now just so that you are moving with action and not rotting the floor where you stand.

Set up a damn habit already.

… fuck the concept that you need a budget to market, fuck the mindset that you have no time …

Something as simple as…

– I will spend 5 mins after every meal posting creative posts to gain traction on social media along with spending 10 mins engaging with others in the niche and my audience every day for 60 days.

You do that for 60 days you will see improvements and growth. You can then ramp up.

Next week's post I'll be talking about hybrid unschedule block scheduling… so the excuse of having no time for something disappears.

Stop Big Box Age Grouping for Game Play

You got out the door and among the mass population without issue… you space craft is within eye sight. Funny how no one is guarding it or is it a trap?

You better not test it and stick to buying a new one from the shop you see in the distance. Funny how they never pulled your digital pencos (money) card from your pocket.

What do you mean?

The restrictions that society puts on gaming when it comes to trying control the age groups who should have that specific game or play it at their fingertips.

Outside of XXX stuff and safety related stuff I find this as a major joke.

It could be maybe because we unschool and I find this as a hindering box one is thrown in preventing them from learning something.

Flash Point Fire Rescue , has an age rating of 10+ and the community of boardgamegeek at an 8+. We started playing this game when our youngest two were just 6 and 8. The 6 year old had no issue he was pretty good at it.

Had we listen to the rating we would have missed out on the family time, fun gaming experience, and our 6 year old loving a game society standards said he shouldn't play – could play (comprehend) – or gain anything from.

I've notice in the ttrpg niche the same thing is done. To me if a GM is capable of aiding in game play running smoothly does it matter?

On DriveThrRPG while creators may not be focused on gearing their gaming towards families/kids they also aren't focused on it specifically. There are some that are and some that aren't and state – or make it seem like if you have young players don't bother trying.

If you were to click on genre and then family gaming within DriveThruRPG the options become very limited.

My recommendation…

… is simple if you want off space station 9, you have to leave your ship behind… run to the space craft shop soak in all the choices and choose.

Now unless you 100% do not want to tap into the family gaming niche which also taps you into game schooling, homeschooling, and unschooling (plus their subniches)… then don't make sure your rpg stuff shows up in the family gaming genre on DriveThruRPG.

You know what type of ttrpg creator you want to be and I say stick with that…

… however, if you want more opportunities and make the other 4 habits easier especially #4 – make sure you show up in the filter if you re selling on DriveTruRPG – and heck any other similar site for that matter.

End Campaign

Do you go shopping for a new craft and get off the station?

Do you run for your ship and take off?

The choice is always yours to make and the choices made after the fact are yours and ones that help to change the outcome… So make a choice.

If you go shopping you get away with a great new ship and no one comes looking for you… the future is unknown.

If you run for your ship, you find it odd that it is so easy to take off and get away. Odd, but not, because a tracker was placed on the ship… the future always has you running till you are able to find where the tracker is or who it is or what it is.

Until next time space comrade… transmission signing off…

… leave a comment if you have something to add to the list, questions, suggestions, etc.

Thanks for reading! If you found value in this, it would mean a ton to me if you hit one of those fancy share buttons.

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